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Age Waiver Policy

All 40 regions of USA Volleyball use a player’s birthday, not grade, to determine what age-level the player can participate in during the club season. That means a player won’t play on an 8th-grade team. They will play on a 14 and Under or 15 and Under team. Adhering to these age definitions is a requirement, resulting in uniform age divisions across the 40 regions of USA Volleyball.

Sometimes a player’s birthday will require them to compete on an older team than their same-grade peers. Because of this, Puget Sound Region has decided to allow junior club directors the opportunity to request an AGE WAIVER for a certain qualifying players. An Age Waiver allows a player to compete at a younger age-level than their birthday requires IF playing at the younger age level will allow the player to compete with same-grade peers. Players do NOT need an age waiver if they wish to compete at an older age level. Each club makes their own policy on if they will accept a waivered player. 

Please note that this waiver is ONLY approved for non-qualifying, in-region events. If the team plays in a USA Volleyball National Qualifier, the player will not be allowed to play. If the team plays out of region, the club must contact that tournament director and get prior approval. Pending the decision of the tournament director, the player might not be allowed to play.

​A junior player wishing to compete for a club team must determine which age division he or she belong in for the upcoming season. A player can choose to compete in an OLDER age division than his or her own but cannot choose to compete in a YOUNGER age division.

The club director will assist junior players and families.  When necessary, a club director will coordinate with the region office and submit requests.  Club director will email the region office to request the link to submit the request.     ​

A processing fee of $20 is required for all Age Waiver submissions.  Age waivers will be processed within 7 days of submission (payment must be received before the request will be reviewed).