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Paula Schwan

Indoor HP Director

About The USA Volleyball Boys and Girls High Performance Championship

The High Performance Championships is one of USA Volleyball’s flagship events. The 90+ team event features tournaments for both boys and girls that include teams from USA Volleyball Region HP teams, International teams, and teams from the USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline.

Past International teams have included: Chile, China, Dominican Republic, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, and Puerto Rico.

PSR High Performance FAQ'S

What is teh PSR Hight Performance Program?
The PSR High Performance Program seeks to identify, train, and provide competitive opportunities to the top players in our region. The program consists of a three day camp, which will be held at area schools announced at time of camp date announcement/posting. Players at the camp will be training with a collection of the best players from the Puget Sound Region and competing for spots on the travel teams who will represent the Puget Sound Region at the High Performance Championship Tournament in July. ​

Tell me about the Boys HP Multi-Region Teams...
The Puget Sound Region will be assembling three teams comprised of members from Puget Sound, Evergreen, and Inter-mountain Regions, which will compete at the Boys High Performance Championships July 22-26 in Pittsburg, PA.​

Can girls from other regions participate in PSR HP program?
If you live in a neighboring region and your region does not offer HP please contact Paula Schwan.

Why should my daughter/son participate in the program?
Your child will most likely attend volleyball camps this summer. The HP camp is another option and opportunity to improve skills and continue participating in the sport they love.  This camp simulates the training players will receive at National High Performance Training Camps and USA National Team Training Camps.     

What makes this camp different from the many others offered during the summer?
Unlike other camps, our objective is not on making a profit (we are partially subsidized by the region) and this allows us to tailor our program to suit your needs. The maximum number of players per court will be 10!! The coach to player ratio will be, at a minimum,1:4. All this adds up to a LOT of individual attention for each and every player.  The training the players receive will be in the same format the USA National Team uses for its training session.  This style of training and the intensity of the competition for travel team spots is designed to bring the athletes game to the next level. We train all players in all the skills as VOLLEYBALL players, with some specializing in the older groups.

What other benefits are there to training at the regional HP Camp?
Because the camps are through invitation only, based on results of the tryouts, your daughter will be training with similar skilled and motivated athletes, providing the optimal experience for learning and improving.

Do we have to be able to participate in camp or competition to attend the tryout?
Although we prefer campers also have the ability to play in any competition scheduled, this factor will not exclude your player from selection.  

Attending a tryout just means the player has options.  If selected for camp the player has 72-hrs after selection to accept or decline.  If player declines, we will offer the spot to an alternate.  

If a player attends camp and is selected to travel player has 72-hrs after selection to accept or decline  If player declines, we will offer the spot to an alternate. 

If selected for camp, the fees are due before attendance.  

If selected for travel, fees can be broken into three equal payments with two payments due and paid before the team travels.  The final payment must be made by 31 Aug.  If final payment is not made, your player will be placed on REGION HOLD until the fees are paid, which will hinder participation in any future USAV programming.​

Am I "good enough" to make the HP Camp?
Many families and players have missed out on this opportunity because of such doubts. With the numerous summer options that exist, and with some players in the region involved with the national HP program, the opportunity to be selected for our camp is much higher than most people think.​

What are the costs associated with the program?
The cost for the tryout is $45, while the cost for the Camp is $250 for 2 day camp.  The camp fee includes 2 days/6 sessions of training,a full time athletic trainer, snacks and drinks, classroom materials, as well as t-shirts for each training day. For players that are selected for the travel teams, there will be an additional travel fee. Travel fees for HP Championships $1200 to include EVERYTHING - flight, food, uniforms, entry fee, coaches, chaperone rooms, hotels, transportation, gift exchange, snacks, etc...

Why are the age divisions different than USAV?
The HP Program follows the international age divisions that are mandated by the world governing body, the FIVB. They are in two year brackets and in every even year they advance by two years.

My child was selected for a National HP Camp and the dates conflict with the Regional Camp. Which one should they go to?
If you have been selected to the national team training camp, the A1 or the A2 training camp, you should definitely attend these, assuming that they are affordable to you.​

If you have been offered a spot in the A3, the Training Camps, or the Development Camps, we encourage you to evaluate the cost/benefit of attending the National Camp versus attending the Regional Camp. The National Camp cost is typically $600 and does not include your airfare to and from the camp. While these camps are listed as being 5 days long, the check in time on day 1 and the check out time on day 5 actually create a camp that is less than 4 days long. We are not trying to dissuade you from attending the camps at this level and many of our players have come back with great experiences. We are, once again, just encouraging you to consider the cost/benefit aspects.​

How do I register for tryouts?
Registration forms and more information link will be posted to the region web site once the camp dates have been set.

Who will be coaching?
The coaching staff will be composed of adults coaches with experience at the club, high school and collegiate levels.  Many of our coaches have been with the Puget Sound Region High Performance Program for more than five years and actively develop with USA current coaches their coaching style and pursue continuing coaching education which they pass along to the High Performance Athletes. 

Who do I contact if I have any more questions?
If you have any other questions concerning the program, please contact Paula Schwan, the PSR HP Director by e-mail.