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Junior Referee Program (JRP) 2020

The Junior Referee Program (JRP) was created to introduce U16 through U18 players to paid officiating. The benefits include: building confidence, leadership skills, improving volleyball IQ as a teammate and player, while earning some extra money. 

The Nuts and Bolts of the Junior Referee Program

Candidates must be at least 16 years old to participate in the program. Candidates should plan to attend the Reindeer Round Up at Shorecrest HS on December 8 or at (site to be determined) on December 15 to be evaluated.

Once a candidate has passed the certification process, turned in all applicable paper work and received an email from the Officials Chair stating that she may now work as a paid intern of the Junior Referee Program, she may work for pay as an R1 on ANY age level match at  Puget Sound Region Power League events, including those where their team is playing. This does not include club-run tournaments. The exception would be if the Region hires paid PSR Officials for all matches at that event.

If a JRP intern would like to work a tournament other than the one where her team is playing, she MUST email the Officials Chair at no later than 4pm on the Friday before the requested tournament.

In order to be paid for matches, a candidate must pass the JRP certification process, submit the signed certification form and a W9 to

The fee paid for working as a JRP intern R1:

  • $20 per match (Max 10 matches per season).

  • $25 per match for Regional Tournament

When working at a tournament other than one in which the intern is playing, the JRP intern’s uniform is a white polo shirt, dark pants (navy blue if you have them) and white/light colored shoes. There is no uniform requirement if working at an event where a JRP intern is also playing. 

Always bring a whistle, red/yellow cards, a watch/timing device and ear plugs. Ideally an intern should have a rule book. Please contact the Officials Chair for a current USAV rule book.

How to Start

  • Contact the Officials Chair at

  • Register for the online clinic and test through Webpoint.

  • Print out the: 

and attend a Reindeer Round Up at Shorecrest HS on December 8 or at (site to be determined) on December 15 to be evaluated.

  • Email the signed evaluation form to

  • After receiving the CONGRATULATIONS email from the Officials Chair, dete a: 

and send it to This is required before working a tournament for pay.

  • Once at a Power League tournament, check in with the Day Official.

  • YOU ARE responsible for providing a: 

to the Day Official at the end of the tournament. Day Officials will not carry pay vouchers.

  • Fill in the matches worked and ask the Day Official to SIGN IT.

  • Unsigned vouchers will not be acceptable for payment.

  • Submit your signed pay voucher to the Officials Chair by emailing or by using the Genius Scan app.

Day Official Responsibilities

  • Assist JRP candidates in getting on a court, if needed, for evaluations and/or paid matches.

  • Evaluate JRP candidate as a first priority. Candidates should be given a passing evaluation if they demonstrate the ability to keep a match safe, fair and moving along.

  • Return the completed evaluation form to the JRP candidate.

  • For JRP candidates that have passed the evaluation process should have a CONGRATULATIONS email or hard copy from the Officials Chair verifying that they have passed. They are now eligible to officiate for pay.

  • The DO should:

  • Verify the number of matches the JRP worked as an R1 that day.

  • Sign the JRP voucher and return it to the JRP.

  • JRPs will only be paid for officiating as an R1 if they have the CONGRATS email from the Officials Chair.

Please contact for more information.