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new membership purchase process this year!

USA Volleyball and Puget Sound Region are using a new Registration Program through Sports Engine.  If you had a membership last season, it is important you use the same name, DOB, address, and ZIP code when purchasing this year's membership as what was on your membership last season.  This includes even if you've changed your name or address.  The SportsEngine system automatically migrates data and credentials (such as background screens, officiating certifications, and SafeSport) from Webpoint to your membership profile, but in doing so, it's looking for exact matches of your personal information.  You will have the ability to change or update any personal information in your SportsEngine account after a successful membership purchase.

This year, EVERYONE will need to create a Sports Engine account, the primary account holder MUST be a parent/guardian. This is Free! 

If you already have a SportsEngine account through another organization, you can use the same account to register with USAV/Puget Sound Region.  If parent or child had a USAV membership in past, make sure you use same name as your membership. 


Refunds will not be issued, either in whole or in part, due to COVID-19 season cancellation

If you have an issue, please contact the Region office at  


November 14:  Girls Regional Player, Girls National Player, Girls Upgrade to Regional Player, Girls Upgrade to National Player

November 14:  Boys National Player, Boys Upgrade to National Player

Member Numbers

Member numbers will be 7 numbers long and will no longer have "PS" at the beginning, or a code at the end such as "FR21."

Adult Memberships

Dual Roles

If you have more than one role in PSR (i.e. a coach and a head official), select the membership for your primary role - i.e. the role you mainly participate.

Adult Affiliated with a Junior Program - $65
Membership expires August 31, 2021

Coach of a Junior Team - $65
Membership expires August 31, 2021

Collegiate Player Only - $15
Membership expires August 31, 2021

Adult Players Only - $42
Membership expires August 31, 2021

Adult One-Day Player Only - $10
Single event one-day use ONLY

Junior Memberships

Step #1:

Junior Tryout Only  - $15
Membership expires December 31, 2020 ... EXTENDED to February 28, 2021

Step #2:

Girls Upgrade:  Regional Junior Player - $37
Membership expires August 31, 2021

Girls Upgrade:  National Junior Player - $57
Membership expires August 31, 2021

Boys Upgrade:  National Junior Player - $21
Membership expires August 31, 2021


Purchase a full season membership without purchasing a tryout membership

Girls:  Full Regional Junior Player - $52
Membership expires August 31, 2021

Girls:  Full National Junior Player - $72
Membership expires August 31, 2021

Boys:  Full National Player - $36
Membership expires August 31, 2021

Error Messages

Some members are getting error messages when attempting to buy a membership saying "You must be 18 or older to buy a membership" or that a "parent or guardian must buy this membership."  To remedy this situation, please see the document below:

SportsEngine Help

For technical assistance with your SportsEngine account, send an e-mail to

USAV Background Screening Information

USAV Background Screening - $30
Any adult who is affiliated with junior volleyball program in any capacity will be required to complete a USA Volleyball background screening.  During peak times (fall/winter) this can take up to 14 business days. Background screen will be conducted by NCSI.  A new screen will be required every other year. 

International Background Screening - $150
Will be required, in addition to the US screening, for those individuals who have resided outside of the US for 6 months or longer OR for those individuals who maintain a citizenship other than the US.