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2023-24 Memberships

Which membership?

Not sure which membership you should chose? View the descriptions in the document below.  If you are still not sure contact the region office. 

The region only registers participants with USA Volleyball, meaning when you purchase a membership, you become a member of USAV and the region in which you reside (PSR).  This does not automatically associate you with a club, any other region, or any other governing body.  

Save Your Membership Card

Watch the Video Tutorial to Save a .pdf Version of Your Membership Card

At the completion of your purchase process, save the card as a .pdf or take a picture of it and share it with your athlete.

If you are a new member, the purchase process will direct you to create a Sports Engine account. 

If you are a returning member, Do Not Create A New Sports Engine Account.  Use the same email as last year, if you forgot your password, you can reset it instantly.  If you forgot which email you used, the system will help you find your account.

If you were a junior player and no longer play club but are now going to be a coach DO NOT PURCHASE an adult membership within your guardian's account.  You will need to do a few things first:  (1) you need to create your OWN Sports Engine Account with your OWN email address; (2) email the region to have your credentials moved from your guardian's account; (3) purchase your first adult membership and complete safety requirements (IMPACT and SafeSport).    

Looking for a Club


Refunds are not issued due to modification/cancellation of a season or if the athlete doesn't make a team.

Athletes & families do not pay a club for their memberships in PSR.  Club dues do not cover memberships.  PSR does not collect club dues - these are separate and distinct from a membership purchase.

If you have an issue, please contact the Region office at  

junior tryout membership (Jul 1 - Dec 31)

Click Here to Purchase a 2023-24 Tryout Membership

All Genders: $20 (The cost of a tryout membership is applied to the cost of a full membership.) 

Brand new USAV member athletes should purchase a tryout membership (available 7/1/2023) then upgrade to a regular membership once they have made a team AND signed the PSR Letter of Commitment.

Junior Membership Upgrades (available September 1st)

Upgrade to a Full 2023-24 Junior Membership

After purchasing a tryout membership you will click the link and now declare you are participating for a "full season" and the system will upgrade your tryout membership to a full membership.  

Your tryout membership fees will be credited during the check out process. 

You should not be charged more then the below amounts (plus service fees):

Girls Upgrade = $60
Boys Upgrade = $25

Junior Player Full Season Membership (available SepTEMBER 1st)

Click Here to Purchase a Full Season 2023-24 Junior Girls Membership

Girls = $80

This link is for returning players who wish to purchase a full membership to avoid the upgrade process. 

Click Here to purchase a Full Season 2023-24 Junior Boys Membership

Boys  = $45

This link is for returning players who wish to purchase a full membership to avoid the upgrade process. 

Junior Player Camps & Clinics Only (Available after January 21st)

Click Here to Purchase the 2023-24 Junior Player - Camps & Clinics Only Membership

Cost = $40

This membership can ONLY be used for training and is NOT to be used to compete in tournaments of any kind.  This membership is NOT rosterable.

turning 18 before 8/31/2024?

Junior players who are 18, or who turn 18 prior to 8/31/24 must complete Core Safesport Training prior to participation beyond tryouts.  This is a USAV policy that PSR must enforce.  

USAV Background Screening Information


USAV Background Screening - $14
Any adult who is affiliated with junior volleyball program in any capacity will be required to complete a USA Volleyball background screening.  During peak times (fall/winter) this can take up to 14 business days. Background screen will be conducted by NCSI.  A screen will be required every year. 

International Background Screening
(average $75 to $150, in some rare cases up to $300)

Will be required, in addition to the US screening, for those individuals who have resided outside of the US for 6 months or longer OR for those individuals who maintain a citizenship other than the US.   

Club Staff Memberships (available AugUST 21st)

If you are a new club director, club administrator, or club coach and need a membership for July 15th tryouts, please contact the region office for assistance.

Click Here to Purchase an 2023-24 Adult w/ Safety Requirements Membership

The non-coaching Club Directors or Club Administrators should choose the "Adult - SafeSport & Background Screen Required" membership.  This membership is only for those club staff members who do not also coach a team.

Click Here to Purchase a 2023-24 Coaches Membership 

Club Directors or Club Administrators who also coach should choose the "Adult Coach of Juniors" membership. 

Coaches should choose the "Adult Coach of Juniors" membership

2023-24 Junior Aged Staff Membership 
Club Directors should contact the region office for assistance when using Juniors as Assistant Coaches.

Junior Assistant Coaches who WILL NOT play club this season should choose the "Junior Aged Staff - SafeSport & IMPACT Required"

Junior Assistant Coaches who WILL play club this season should choose the appropriate Junior Player membership