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2022-23 Club Administrator Help

By PSR Staff, 09/19/22, 2:30PM PDT


The 2023 season is upon us, and SportsEngine still poses some unique challenges for us all.  We hope the information contained in this article will be a helpful reminder for how to 'Get Started' this year.

The steps:

  1. Purchase your membership and complete safety requirements
  2. Affiliate your membership with your club
  3.  Gain access to your club SE HQ
  4. Invite returning club members using your Directory & the Direct Club Assignment function
  5. Verify club members complete eligibility requirements
  6. Create rosters through Governing Seasons

If you need help accomplishing the above tasks, first try to use the information contained in the two links below.    

As always, if you still need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to call the region office or to send us an email. 

Robyn Williams


Phone: 425-673-4103