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In 2007, The Puget Sound Region initiated a linear ranking tournament series to be played at various sites within the region. This tournament series is used to rank teams within each age division and is one vehicle used to provide qualifying and seeding into the Regional Championships as well as into the region’s National Bid tournament.

Traditionally the league will be held on five days spread over five separate weekends with the first two days in January, and one additional date each in February, March and April. Please note that U12’s will have one day in January and four total days in their series and the entry fee will be less than that of all other age groups.  The first January date will consist of seeding rounds, while the second January date will be the initial point scoring date. The playing days in February, March, and April will also have points awarded to each team based on their finish. Thus, a total of four point scoring dates will be included in the final league standings.

Teams will be required to enter all five days (four for U12’s).  Once accepted to the league, no refunds will be given for either dropping or no-shows.

Points will be awarded for each placement from top to bottom. A premium will be awarded to finishing 1st overall.  Also, points will increase each subsequent date (points are listed at the end of this document).  These points from each session will accumulate and the total number of points awarded will determine final league standings, which will be utilized to help seed the Regional Championship as well as the PSR National Bid Tournament.

After the conclusion of the seeding portion on the first play day, teams will be placed into flights consisting of pool and playoff bracket play. The majority of the flights will consist of 8 teams, although, since the region has decided to accept all teams that enter the league, there may be flights of 5, 6 and 7 teams. The teams will be ranked from 1st on down after flight play has concluded. In the majority of flights, the top three finishers will move up a flight while the bottom three finishers will drop down a flight. There are some minor exceptions, including the U16’s and U18’s flight # 1 where only the top team will move into the Inter-Regional Platinum League while the bottom team from the Inter-Regional Platinum League will move down into flight # 1.

Teams that decide not to participate in the league will still be allowed to enter the Regional Championships and the PSR Bid Championships and will be seeded by a seeding committee created by the PSR Operations Director.

Power League Final Standings (Historical)


U18 Power League Final Standings
U16 Power League Final Standings
U15 Power League Final Standings
U14 Power League Final Standings
U12 Power League Final Standings

2022 Power League Schedule

Each of the PSR Power League divisions will have a seeding day plus 4 Power League play dates.  The schedule is below.  Entry fee is $865 per team.

Jan 8 - U12 Seeding Day
Jan 9 - U14 Seeding Day
Jan 22 - U18 Seeding Day
Jan 23 - U15, U16 Seeding Day
Jan 29 - PL#1 U12, Top Half U14
Jan 30 - PL#1 Bottom Half U14, U18

Feb 5 - PL#1, U15
Feb 6 - PL#1, U16
Feb 12 - PL#1, U15; PL#2, U12
Feb 13 - PL#1, U16; PL#2, U14
Feb 26 - PL#2, U15
Feb 27 - PL#2, U16, U18, Platinum #1

Mar 13 - PL#3, U16, U18, Platinum #2
Mar 19 - PL#3, U16, U18, Platinum #2
Mar 20 - PL#3, U15
Mar 26 - PL#3, U12
Mar 27 - PL#3, U14

Apr 9 - PL#4, U12, U14
Apr 10 - PL#4, U15, U16, U18, Platinum #3


  • Rosters will be created in Sports Engine, the USAV MMS and will be verified by the Region Registrar the Wednesday before seeding day. 
  • The Registrar will provide rosters to the site hosts for each play date thereafter.
  • Rosters submitted after the deadline will be accepted only after a $50 late fee has been paid
  • Roster changes completed after the submission deadline will be $25 per team
  • Substitutions or replacements due to COVID will be handled on a case-by-case basis


  • Payment for U14 & younger divisions is due by December 7th
  • Payment for U15 & older divisions is due by December 28th.

Refund Policy

Teams that pull out before the Payment Deadline date for their age division will receive their full entry fee back minus the electronic payment service fee. Teams that pull out after the Payment Deadline date but before 1/1/2022 will receive their full entry fee minus a $100 administrative fee and minus the electronic payment service fee. Teams that pull out after 1/1/2022 will not receive any part of their entry fee back.