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Rating Philosophy

The Puget Sound Region is supporting the Officials Assembly Mission by creating a Mentor/Rater Program. The purpose of this program is to provide education, foster mentorship, and camaraderie among the PSR officiating cadre. We believe that by creating an environment which focuses on the official’s full body of work, rather than one day of rating, will give rise to a stronger cadre of officials who will strive to excel, increase officiating longevity, and want to give back to the other officials within the Region and beyond.

Click here to read about the Mentor/Rater Program.

​​If you are interested in being part of the program, please email before January 1. â€‹â€‹

Rated Officials and Scorers in the Puget Sound Region

International Referees

Robyn Peckol Filimaua 
International Scorers
Kim Williams – Certified
Jenny Vogt – Retired Qualified 

National Referees

BJ Aea
Robyn Buck
Alan Chinn
Ami Filimaua
Ric Lomibao
Jim Mullen 

National Scorers 

BJ Aea
Robyn Buck
Steve Lambert
Ric Lomibao
Jim Mullen

National Outdoor Referees

Robyn Filimaua
Ami Filimaua 

Zonal Outdoor Referee

Allan Chinn

Junior National Referees 

Gui Castro
Paul Jensen
PJ Jones
Steve Lambert
Jennifer McIntosh
Kyleen Niccolls

Retired Junior National Referees

Dragan Karadzic
Jenny Vogt
Clayton Wong

Retired National Scorers

Clayton Wong

Regional Referees

Lawray Bingham
Darren Bryant
Steven  Choi
Megan Correa
Glenn Cox
Molly Donahue
Louis Egashira
Dottie Harris
Chuck Johnsen
Nema Koohmaraie
Steven  Petesch
Joseph Reuben
Evan Ritchie
Nikki Shirreff
Rick Stage
David Swanson
Time Time
Thomas West
Timothy Williams

Provisional Referees

Natalie Barringer-Mullins
Gracie Brenner
Tina Brooks
John Davis
Kyle Densley
Melanie Dillon
Greg Finel
Derek Foster
Kimberly Foster
Chase Gulick
Darren Hales
Nicole Hayes
Sabry Hefny
Douglas Hehn
John Ho
Ron Howard
Rick Ihander
Andrew Jacobson 

Provisional Referees Cont.

Heather Johnson
Vaughn Johnson
Briyar Khodayaralo
Leah Kunz
Tim Lenox
Kylie Lenox
William Liu
Tony Macy
Mickey Marggraf
Amanda McCormick
Lynette Owusu
Brenna Peterson
Krissy  Petesch
Corinne Pettyjohn
Sid Pollack
Tina Postnikoff
Allison Prohn
Sylvia Saau
Jason Schmidt
Curtis Stock
Nadia Tialavea
Brittany Tillman
Joe Tubbs
Alexandria Tuilaepa
Ken Vannice
Stacia Veer-Henderson
Sandi Wasteney
Rocky Zlock