Rating Procedures

Rating Philosophy

There will be two types of feedback provided to officials within the Puget Sound Region:

  1. Evaluation

    An evaluation will be used to determine the skill level of an official new to the Region, or an existing official who feels they’re ready to call a higher level of play.  An evaluation is performed by a higher ranked official after being observed in a match as an R1 or R2.  The information provided will them what they are doing well, and where they have opportunities to improve.​
  2. Rating

    A rating is a pass/fail attempt at a Provisional rating, a Regional rating or a recommendation to try to obtain a Jr. National ranking.  The same standard forms (R1 & R2) will be used for both procedures. 
  3. USAV Referee Rating Forms - Examples of forms used in the rating process can be found by clicking here.

Rating Dates

Rating dates depend on your requested certification level rating. In order to be considered for a rating, all pre-season USAV/PSRV requirements must be met. You must also be considered in good standing with the Region.

If you qualify for a rating, your emailed request must be received NO LATER than January 1.  If you are interested in being rated this year, please email officialschair@psrvb.org. Include your CURRENT certification level and your REQUESTED certification level. 

Rated Officials and Scorers in the Puget Sound Region

Retired Junior National Referees

Dragan Karadzic

Jenny Vogt

Clayton Wong

Regional Referees

Chris Anagnostopoulos

Ray Bingham

Darren Bryant

Gui Castro

Glenn Cox

Kepa Cummings

Dave Dempski

Louie Egashira

Jennifer Gaines

Dottie Harris

Chris LaValley

Sam Martin

Bryce Morsello

Steven Petesch

Robert Ritchie

Sydney Spray

Rick Stage

David Swanson

Time Time

Tom West

Tim Williams

Robyn Williams

Retired National Scorers

Walt Gogan

Jim Olson

Clayton Wong

Junior National Referees 

Arne Allen

Paul Jensen

PJ Jones

Steve Lambert

Jennifer McIntosh

Provisional Referees

Paul Carter

Stephen Choi
Cassidy Culbertson

Molly Donahue

Connor Dooley

Sovanny Ebbesen

Erica Edwards

Kristen Fowler
Tiana Grow

Doug Hehn

Dan Herriman

John Ho

Ron Howard

Sylvia letitaia Saau

Charles Johnsen
Vaughn Johnson

Jordan Kraski

Emiley Melillo

Grace Meno

Mary Catherine Meno

Barett McGavock

Kyle Mills
Sid Pollack
Jason Schmidt

Nikki Shirreff
Laurin Smith

Greg Spector

Carly Sundt
Megan Triggs
Earl Willis

Roxanne (Rocky) Zlock

International Referee

Robyn Peckol Filimaua

International Scorers

Kim Williams – Certified

Vickie Hinkle - Qualified

Jenny Vogt – Retired Qualified

National Referees

BJ Aea

John Bryant

Robyn Buck

Alan Chinn

Ami Filimaua

Jim Mullen

National Scorers 

BJ Aea

John Bryant

Robyn Buck

Steve Lambert

Ric Lomibao

Jim Mullen

National Outdoor Referees

Robyn Filimaua

Ami Filimaua

Zonal Outdoor Referee

Allan Chinn

Retired National Referees

Walt Gogan

Ric Lomibao

Jim Olson

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