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USA Volleyball SafeSport Coordinator

Puget Sound Region SafeSport Coordinator

The US Center for SafeSport, USA Volleyball,  and the Puget Sound Region are  Committed to Provide Safety for All Participants

All individuals associated with junior activities such as Club Directors, Club Administrators, Team Reps, Coaches, Chaperones, Trainers, Officials, and any junior Tournament Director/Site Director/On-Site Tournament Administrator/Manager must complete SafeSport training and consent to a background screening by completing and submitting the required forms. These forms must be submitted and the applicant cleared before the applicant may participate in sanctioned junior events and/or activities (a minimum of one week should be expected to complete the screening). Use the links below to take the required SafeSport courses:

Updates to SafeSport Training

(updated Sept. 9, 2019)

• U.S. Center for SafeSport "Core" Training: This is required training for adults who have regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors, and/or have regular contact with or authority over an amateur athlete who is a minor. The training must be completed before regular contact with an amateur athlete who is a minor begins, or within the first 45 days of initial membership, or upon beginning a new role subjecting the adult to the MAAPP. The training must be completed by March 23, 2019, for all current members or after for new members. Available to USAV members for free.

• 30-Minute Refresher: This is conducted annually following "Core" Center for SafeSport Training. This training is 30 minutes and is a review of the information shared in the Core Center for SafeSport Training. Available to USAV members for free.

• Athletes turning 18 during the season, whose teammates are minors, will be required to take "Core" Center for SafeSport training upon turning 18. To prevent any disruption in play, the center will allow athletes who are 17, turning 18 during the season to take "Core" given parental consent. Once a player turns 18, he or she will not be permitted to continue play until "Core" SafeSport training has been completed. Complete the parental consent form before registering for training if you have a minor athlete who needs to take the training. Once the form is completed, your child will be enrolled in SafeSport training. A notification of registration will be sent to the email address on file to access the course.

• Youth Training Courses: The U.S. Center for SafeSport has launched youth courses. This training is not mandatory and will be offered through the Center's website at It requires parental consent. The parent/legal guardian creates the account to provide consent for the child and to decide which course is best for their child. Courses are for preschool age; grades K-2; grades 3-5; middle school and high school. These free courses are for minor athletes and their parents to understand the importance of positive, welcoming environments in sports, where misconduct like bullying or abuse is less likely to happen, and to know where to report abuse, should it happen.

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)

The goal of Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies is to limit one-on-one interactions with minor athletes--interactions with minors should be observable and interruptible.  Any violation of MAAPP is reportable.


The policy covers six areas:

  1. Limiting one-on-one interactions, including meetings and individual training sessions
  2. Massages and rubdowns/athlete training modalities
  3. Locker rooms and changing areas
  4. Social media and electronic communication
  5. Local travel
  6. Team travel