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PSR communicable disease policy

PSR is looking at all avenues for a safe return to play, and is supporting clubs who are, or will be, conducting programming.  This page is meant to be a resource for guidelines, recommendations, and best practices surrounding volleyball programming in our region. 

In the event a player is diagnosed and confirmed to have a contagious disease, they must be suspended from participation in sanctioned events and any team activities – including but not limited to practices, games, and social events.  In order for a player to return to sanctioned activities, they must provide the club director a letter from a physician stating they are no longer contagious and the individual would pose no medical threat to those they come in contact with.  If a dispute should arise regarding the health of an individual, an independent physician should be chosen to provide a second opinion for those concerned.  This policy also applies to coaches, officials, and all other participants involved with sanctioned events.  PSR strongly encourages everybody to practice good hygiene and, most importantly, to stay home if they feel sick.

Applicable Youth Sports Guidance

Volleyball is a Moderate Risk Sport