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PSR communicable disease policy

PSR is looking at all avenues for a safe return to play, and is supporting clubs who are, or will be, conducting programming.  This page is meant to be a resource for guidelines, recommendations, and best practices surrounding volleyball programming in our region. 

In the event a player is diagnosed and confirmed to have a contagious disease, they must be suspended from participation in sanctioned events and any team activities – including but not limited to practices, games, and social events.  In order for a player to return to sanctioned activities, they must provide the club director a letter from a physician stating they are no longer contagious and the individual would pose no medical threat to those they come in contact with.  If a dispute should arise regarding the health of an individual, an independent physician should be chosen to provide a second opinion for those concerned.  This policy also applies to coaches, officials, and all other participants involved with sanctioned events.  PSR strongly encourages everybody to practice good hygiene and, most importantly, to stay home if they feel sick.

Youth Sports Guidance

Volleyball is a Moderate Risk Sport

insurance & sanctioning

USAV carries a very strong insurance program, particularly as it relates to communicable disease, that is made available to clubs free of charge upon an approved sanctioning application for their event(s).  All participants must be USAV members and must meet all eligibility requirements for sanctioning & insurance to be in place. 

Additionally, events must be in compliance with the most stringent health & safety guidelines in place at the time of the event, in the locality in which the event takes place.  Clubs should be in communication with their local health department to have their plans vetted and approved prior to commencing any sort of programming.  PSR retains the right to audit this requirement.

request sanctioning

Please visit the "Pubs/Forms" tab on this website to find a sanctioning request form for the event you're wishing to run.  Note - tryouts will be sanctioned once your Club License has been submitted.

To request a certificate of insurance for a facility, please visit the "Club Directors tabs,  then Administrative Forms. Requests will be completed within 72 hrs.

recommendations & best practices

Below are some recommendations & best practices we have seen not only in our region, but in other regions and at other events since the pandemic started.  As always, please contact your local health department to discuss what safety measures you need to put in place for your event.  This is not an exhaustive list.

Temperature Checks:  Checking all staff and players entering the facility - 100 and 100.4 have been widely used as the standard.

Limitations on Entry:  Consider allowing limited or no spectators into the facility.

Disinfect Equipment:  Consider disinfecting balls, carts, and other shared equipment (as well as nets, poles, and other equipment that may get touched) with an approved disinfectant agent.

Put out Signage:  Help with traffic flow, ingress/egress, drop-off points, and other points of emphasis.

Groups/Pods:  Consider keeping players together and not switching between groups or courts.  Consider having that group of players use the same balls and equipment (mark or color-code the balls). 

Masks:  Check with your health department to determine requirements on mask-wearing for players during active training.  Staff and non-participating players should wear masks at all times.