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The Bid Tournament Seeding Implications of the March Power League


We've reached the penultimate round of the Puget Sound Region Power League tournament.  The U18 division has already seen the Region bids awarded, but the rest of the age divisions have their bid tournament upcoming on March 19 and the results of the Power League this weekend will likely have an impact on the seeding for the event. 


Click Here for the Power League Point Standings for the U14, U15, U16 and U18 Divisions

Click Here for the U12 Power League Point Standings


The points for the Power League tournament are weighted to reward strong performances at the end of the season, when teams have had the opportunity to move up or have defended their positions in the upper flights.  That makes this interesting from a seeding perspective for the teams that are in the bid tournament field as they jockey to set up the best match-ups for the Bid Tournament event. 


Here are the PSR 2107 Bid Tournament fields.


Some things to know:


1) The seed listed for each team is based on their age division only. So the 13s have been separated from the 14s. The 16s seeds exclude the U15 teams playing up in the 16s division, and so on. These seeds will change, and will be updated, after the next power league date. The final field will be seeded then.


2) Top 12 teams in their age division and 4 Wild Cards (WC) will be the maximum number of teams accepted in an age division. 3 teams from the U15 division and 1 team from the U16 division will be dropped from the field following the next power league date. If your team is dropped, your entry fee will be refunded.


3) The Wild Card teams will be seeded into the field. It is possible for a Wild Card team that is ahead of another same age team, in the age division they are playing in, to be seeded behind that team. The seeding committee looks at individual matches won/lost, and placement in other tournaments, as well as the standings of the Wild Card teams.


4) Wild Card teams should make sure that all their results are up to date in AES. All power league matches get automatically entered, as do some other events, but the typical 1 day local events do not.


5) We are guaranteed only a National Bid in the U12 division and a National and American Bid in all other age divisions. We may receive reallocation bids, but that is only likely in the U12 division where we are 3rd in line for any American bids being reallocated. In the other age groups we are 22nd in line for a National bid and 25th for an American.




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