SportsEngine and AES were joined in 2015, with the plan of slowly integrating the two platforms. Single Sign-On (SSO) is the most recent integration, which launched in July 2019. The launch of SSO allows users to access both platforms with the same username and password.

After the launch of the USAV MMS, we will have the ability to share dynamic updates of eligibility and roster status with AES. This will include the ability to share schedules and results directly to SportsEngine club websites and mobile applications, allowing club directors and families to have full access to AES schedules alongside their communications, photos, updates and more.

The members section within your HQ allows for flexible reporting of your database. Use filters to create lists of members based on data you collect on them or their membership type, you can even compare data across membership types, season, etc. Save your reports as smart groups so that you always have access to those specific members, along with easily messaging the group information.

Click on the links below to watch Mini-Series Videos on the SportsEngine process:
Roster Submission
Linked Memberships
Data Flow
Membership Purchase Options
Rosters and Eligibility

The first step in purchasing a membership will require all members to login to their existing SportsEngine account or create a new one. The system will automatically check our historical data to see if the information entered matches an account of a previous member.

  • While the duplicate checking technology being used is very sophisticated and will use various combinations of name, possible nicknames, date of birth and address, we will be encouraging members to enter in their unique member ID number which can be used to find a match.

  • If a match is found, the member will retain their member ID number. Relevant data from their account will be imported into the new member management system.

  • If a match is not found, the member will be given a new member ID number. The number will follow the same format as legacy IDs (seven-digit number) but will start at 4000000.


While not all the data from Webpoint is being moved into the new system, we believe this process will allow us to start fresh with great data in our new system.

ALL of the historical data will be stored through a separate SQL database. Regions will be provided with a copy of historical data from their region and will be able to request additional reports from USA Volleyball at any time.

As we get closer to the launch of the MMS with SportsEngine, there are a number of things your Region can do to ensure a high level of technical support from the club and their teams at SportsEngine both prior to and after the launch.


After the launch of the MMS, SportsEngine will be delivering a new support protocol that will include club management, AES, and MMS support. Details on this will be shared in the summer of 2020.

Prior to the launch of the MMS, if speaking to a club with technical issues, please follow these steps to direct the club in the appropriate direction.

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